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James DeWitt is a long-time biblical reseacher and artist. Coming at the Bible from a perspective of honesty and humility, James hosts The Sharpening Report in a way that is rare in our modern world. With James at the helm, the TSR audience can expect to hear balanced and edifying conversation with many fascinating guests. James also has a number of future side projects that the audience will find especially exciting. Make sure to stay tuned and check back often!


Josh Peck is an avid researcher of fringe topics, videographer at SkyWatchTV, creator of The Sharpening Report, host of Into the Multiverse, and is the author of numerous books, including Quantum Creation: Does the Supernatural Lurk in the Fourth Dimension? and Cherubim Chariots: Exploring the Extradimensional Hypothesis. Josh has been featured on TV and radio shows, including SkywatchTV and The Hagmann and Hagmann Report. 

Josh Peck is also a family man. He is married to Christina Peck and has three beautiful children: Jaklynn, Nathan, and Adam. Josh works in full time ministry, dedicating his life to his YouTube channel, SkyWatchTV, Into the Multiverse, writing books, and providing for his family. 

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