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Into the Multiverse

I’m Jane Rodriguez and it’s my extreme honor to be writing for Josh today. God is good! Some of you may already know me a little from work I’ve done with JC Johnson at Crypto Four Corners International where I’ve been a contributing writer, researcher, and in-field investigator. I’ve hostessed the show Café Enigma for about a year and have also been on Vic Cundiff’s show Dogman Encounters detailing my very harrowing and exciting experience with JC and his son up in Minnesota in which I saw both a dogman and a bigfoot. At that time, a whole other vista of experience opened up to me, as “all” I’ve ever seen were spirits and orbs until that point. I always knew I was different and it’s my strong feeling most of you who are reading this can relate, otherwise you wouldn’t have subscribed to this blog, no ? However, it dawned me on me quite profoundly just how differently I viewed the world when I was around ten or so. I made a few existential revelations as a youngster after I began to pay attention to my classmates’ world views. I realized the spirit world (or the “metaphysical world”) isn’t real or relevant to 99% of the population in the same way it is to me and my parents. I started writing an autobiographical-type book about six months ago detailing a lot of my coming into awareness of myself. I never had the opportunity to be much of a skeptic about the paranormal or the “high-strange”. I had regular experiences with paranormal and unexplained phenomenon first-hand from a very young age. I was raised by both parents who were born again believers in Christ, but who’s backgrounds individually were very steeped in the metaphysical and paranormal. My dad is from Juarez, Mexico and his father was born in 1903 on an Apache reservation in Arizona. My dad’s father died when my father was very young; he was the baby of his family and his mom was in her mid 40’s when she had my dad. To make a long story short, my dad’s sisters had a shaman come to their home after their father died when my dad was a child. It made a very large impact on him. It’s my thought now that perhaps entities have taken notice of my father during this time; a man who’s genetics may have already predisposed him to have contact with these entities.  Many memories on this topic since childhood were of hushed conversations in the kitchen; my parents thinking I couldn’t hear their whispers. My dad would tell my mom “I saw him again today, the spirit..I think he’s following me. I see him almost every morning now before I get in my car to go to work.”  My mom, before she married my dad, had dated professors of metaphysics from the University she graduated from. She saw them “divine” her future very accurately. She said one man offered to cast a spell on her ex-husband that would cause him to expire! She said no, of course, though she didn’t doubt it was possible. She knew from her own life’s experiences (UFO encounters, etc.) that this is a very VERY real thing. Her paranormal encounters didn’t stop while I was growing up; neither of my parents’ did. They still have encounters to this day. In fact, at my eldest daughter’s birthday party, my dad mentioned he had an encounter at a place I’ve had several myself: at my late grandparents’ house.  So, all that being said, I grew up in this home in which these things were the norm. We went to a Southern Baptist church every Sunday. Although I never really heard a sermon which satisfied my questions like “what does the Bible have to say about all these experiences me and my family always have?”, my parents would have Christian authors come over frequently who discussed these topics with my mom and dad. I was the kid who, instead of playing with other kids, wanted to sit with the adults and listen to what they had to say about all these things. Without going into too much detail (I will when I feel lead by the Lord to do so), my family dealt with some heavy issues sometimes. I had felt hurt as a teenager, being told by Sunday school teachers that I’m wicked or, by one pastor, I had a “demon” in me because I didn’t want to speak in tongues. This hurt lead to anger and a feeling of abandonment by the people who were supposed to provide answers, out of love, to help me sort out these REAL THINGS that were happening to me and my family.  The anger lead to me seeking out and reading just about every religious and philosophical paradigm I could think of. I read the Satanic Bible, the Mahabharata, and the Vedas (well, as many as I could, there are literally thousands of stories). I went to a mosque, a temple, and read magical grimoires. I read about Aleister Crowley and Madame Blavatsky for fun as a teenager and young adult. I sought answers. I sought the answers I thought Christianity not only couldn’t give me, but said I was evil just for asking. I had said the sinner’s prayer to have Christ come into my heart at least a dozen times as a child and young teen growing up. I had been to Christian schools in which a young man who was being groomed to be a pastor got caught trying to molest his classmate in the shower. This is but one example of dozens of other crimes committed, of at least the same magnitude, by pastors and congregation members in all kinds of churches. I saw gross examples of not only hypocrisy, but how people who went to church and acted so chaste and pious were actually in many cases more sinister and vile than the world when their sins were actually revealed (to their dismay). Like many other people’s responses when seeing this time and time again I said to myself “Well, if this is Christianity, I don’t want one frickin' part of this!” Years of religion being preached to me, with dismissive attitudes and out-right wrongness being tolerated and promoted, had left me so disillusioned I figured there had to be answers, but clearly they weren’t found in the church.  I had pushed myself to the limits in what I thought could be possible with the occult, witchcraft, and other forms of spirituality. I searched far and wide reading and absorbing what other people who traveled down this road had to say. From Goethe to Nietzsche, from Kabbalah to the Quran.  It was my mother, father, and grandmother’s prayers, I believe, that interceded on my behalf. It was the love of the Almighty God who put so many people in my path. He, in His wisdom, let me rebel, be angry, hurt, and confused because He knew everything that happened to me in my life would bring me to Him. Fast forward to 2013. I was 6 months pregnant with my second daughter and although there were some different things happening in the pregnancy, I was assured many times it was safe to carry on as normal, such as exercising. Suddenly, everything changed in one single instant. I woke up one day bleeding. I knew in my heart something terrible would happen if I didn’t immediately go to the doctor. I called my mom and she drove me. After an ultrasound, it was discovered I had to be airlifted RIGHT THEN AND THERE to a hospital otherwise my baby and I would die.  As I’m writing this now, I have to stop here and there to wipe tears from my eyes because it is still just so overwhelming. The amount of terror and fear I was going through happened so quickly. It’s a mother’s worst nightmare actualized. I was powerless over my body and my baby’s life. There was nothing I could do but stare at the sky in shock as I was loaded into the helicopter taking me to the best-equipped hospital to deal with micro preemies. I had a really weird thought occur to me in that moment..“I know now what wounded soldiers feel like when they’re dying” I was admitted and taken to a room. The doctors and nurses were giving me medication to coat the baby’s lungs. They were worried she might be born right then and there (at 25 weeks). The goal was to keep her in the womb as long as possible, obviously. They said every HOUR she’s in the womb, the better (which, as a quick side note, makes you really look at the atrocity of abortion in a different light). This was another time when, (this is very hard to explain) I felt a kind of fear so acute it lead to a break. I was going mad; insane. I had fractured off and floated away. I didn’t know if or how I could ever “come back”. It was only a few days later when the attending doctor made her rounds and saw I had to give birth NOW. It was going to be an emergency caesarian; there was no plans, nothing. I had to do it at that time to save our lives. My last memory, before going under, was of the doctor telling me my baby only had a 60% chance of survival. As I found find later, however, one of the attending nurses was kind enough to take pictures on my phone of my surviving newborn!  It was a miracle of miracles she had survived. My heart felt relief, but the relief was temporary because I was told at any point within 72 hours, which was the most critical, my baby could die. I have never, ever, ever been so helpless, so whittled down to just one thing, so completely, utterly, and supremely relying upon God, to help me. “Please God, please, please, let my baby live.” She had survived the 72 hours and ended up ultimately staying three whole months in the NICU. She was born at 26 weeks, 1lb. 9 oz and had dropped down, as newborns are wont to do, to 1lb. 6oz. She had developed sepsis some weeks after she was born. This was another time I could feel myself fragmenting away, however I managed to pull myself together. I would spend days at her bassinet with my hands on the plastic, praying to God to heal every cell and make her strong and healthy. He did. She healed and today she’s a perfectly healthy, almost-four year old, little girl. Praise the Lord! This experience has been given to me, it was mine. The experience was also the Lord’s, my little girl’s, and my family’s. I will always tell people the goodness of God and the power of prayer. So will my daughters.  My eldest named her Shirley   Shirley now I could tell you the few years prior to this event happening (I’m 34 now), I was a devout Christian, but it would be a lie. I’m not sure what that’s even supposed to mean. Does it mean my outward appearance is squeaky clean and June Cleaver-like? Do I really have to wear pearls and high heels while I vacuum and pretend everything is just hunky-dory? Does it mean religiosity?  Um, no. If I’m going to be frank with you, my struggles have been (and probably always will be in this body) about how Jane feels, reigning in my passions, waiting, and searching for what God wants me to do as revealed by His Word, prayer, and the fellowship of loving Christians. I did a lot of rebellious, stupid, and DANGEROUS things. I let my anger about my past be an excuse not to examine myself in a truthful way; to be honest about who I am. I still struggle with these strong emotions and the scars trauma has left, but I know now in such a clear and real way, there would be absolutely no hope without God. Sometimes being whittled down to just one thing is what it takes for a person to understand that.  I pray that for you. I pray you learn from me and take all things to the Lord in prayer. Take not my word for it, but the words of many a wise woman and man, having said long before I ever existed, there is no freedom nor truth without God. We are all equal and redeemable through His saving grace. God bless you in the name of Jesus Christ! Jane Rodriguez https://janerodriguezblog.wordpress.com

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