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Into the Multiverse

Josh Peck
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Quantum tunneling is by far one of the most interesting things I’ve ever looked into. The whole process is extremely mysterious, yet absolutely vital for life as we know it to continue. There are also aspects of it that can have strange, even harmful, consequences.  Imagine bouncing a tennis ball against a wall. For us, every single time, the ball comes back to us. However, due to the strange nature of the quantum world, there is technically a statistical possibility that the ball will end up on the other side of the wall, or even in the wall itself. Now, I didn’t say the ball would go through the wall, at least not exactly. If a weird case of macro-scale quantum tunneling took place, the ball would disappear suddenly when it approached the wall, then immediately reappear on the other side with the wall and tennis ball still perfectly in tact. Of course, there is not much of a chance that this will happen…ever. Yet, the statistical possibility still exists. It technically could happen. The reason for this goes into the extremely probabilistic nature of the quantum world. As proven by Werner Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, the position and momentum of a particle can not be simultaneously known. For example, if you know the position of an electron, you cannot know the velocity, and if you know the velocity, you cannot know the position. Because of this, probabilities are used to, in a sense, “guess” where a particle like an electron might be. An electron might have a higher chance of being in one place rather than another. These probabilities create what is called a “probability cloud”. The Probability Cloud of an Electron As we can see in the picture, the chances of the electron being in the center of the cloud are greater than it being away from it. However, even though the chances are incredibly small, there is a statistical possibility that the electron could be found near the edge of the cloud. This is where things begin to get strange.  Quantum tunneling is the ability of a particle, such as an electron, to travel through a barrier at an instantaneous speed. If there is a barrier of a higher energy than the electron, and an electron approaches it, we would normally assume it is impossible for the electron to breach that barrier. In fact, most times it is impossible. However, every great once in a while, the electron does something completely unexpected. In the rarest of cases, the electron simply appears on the other side of the barrier. Also, just as the tennis ball and wall example, the barrier and electron are both perfectly in tact. How can this be possible?  Probability Cloud and Barrier Due to the probabilistic nature of electrons, at the moment an electron approaches a barrier, there is still a slight chance within the probability cloud that the electron can be found on the other side of the barrier. When that small chance is realized and the electron actually is found on the other side, quantum tunneling has occurred. Technically, the electron isn't going through the barrier, because strangely enough, no time passes for the electron during quantum tunneling; it occurs at an absolute instant. Much in the same way photons are able to communicate at instantaneous speeds when entangled (quantum entanglement), electrons can breach a high-energy barrier instantly. While this may sound like a very strange and even impossible occurrence, it is actually essential for life on Earth as we know it. The sun, and all known stars, are able to shine due to quantum tunneling.  The sun uses a process called nuclear fusion in order to produce light and heat. Two atomic nuclei, both positively charged, collide to form a new element and, in that process, photons are released. The problem is, however, since both nuclei are positively charged, they repel, much like the same side of two magnets. This means there is an energy barrier the nuclei must overcome in order to fuse. However, as the math involved shows, the nuclei in the sun do not possess enough energy to overcome this barrier. The only way this becomes possible is in the rare event of quantum tunneling. Of course, there are billions upon billions upon billions of atomic nuclei in the sun, so even rare occurrences, to us, are common enough for the sun to shine and provide us with light and heat.  Strangely enough, quantum tunneling may also have harmful effects. According to the field of quantum biology, spontaneous DNA mutations can occur through a process called proton tunneling. Normal base pairs of DNA are joined together by a hydrogen bond. From Wikipedia: There exists a double well potential along a hydrogen bond separated by a potential energy barrier. It is believed that the double well potential is asymmetric with one well deeper than the other so the proton normally rests in the deeper well. For a mutation to occur, the proton must have tunnelled into the shallower of the two potential wells. If DNA is replicated while this quantum tunneling is going on, a mutation may occur. There are other instances of mutations caused by quantum tunneling that are believed to cause cancer. It has even been proposed that this is what causes us, and really everything, to age. It is strange to think that the thing allowing the sun to shine and provide life for Earth may also be the thing that is causing everything to age, degrade, and die. However, without quantum tunneling, life in and of itself as we know it could not be possible. Therefore, it is safe to say a life without quantum tunneling is truly no life at all.  Thank you for reading, take care, and God bless! Josh Peck YouTube.com/IntoTheMultiverse SharpeningReport.com jpeck@skywatchtv.com

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Josh Peck is an avid researcher of fringe topics, vidographer at SkyWatchTV, host of The Sharpening Report and Into the Multiverse, and is the author of numerous books, including Quantum Creation: Does the Supernatural Lurk in the Fourth Dimension? and Cherubim Chariots: Exploring the Extradimensional Hypothesis. Josh has been featured on TV and radio shows, including SkywatchTV and The Hagmann and Hagmann Report. 

Josh Peck is also a family man. He is married to Christina Peck and has two beautiful children, Jaklynn and Nathan. Josh works in full time ministry, dedicating his life to The Sharpening Report, SkyWatchTV, Into the Multiverse, writing books, and providing for his family. 

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